Yacht Tenders

Miami Nautique International Yacht Tender Program

Often the most prized asset in a super yacht’s inventory is a perfectly coordinated tender.

There is value well beyond measure to using Nautique as your Yacht Tender.

The right yacht tender can have many uses;

From transporting provisions to transfers and beach landings. Candlelit dinners and water sports like scuba diving, fishing, and wake sports; the perfect tender will complement an already outstanding onboard experience. The vast array of uses for a tender makes finding the right solution all the more challenging. Let us make things easy for you.

At Miami Nautique International we specialize in all things Nautique. For the past 25 years we’ve built experience working hand in hand with both our clients and Nautique directly in South Florida. We recognize Nautique as the best boats currently on the market. Each model blends luxury and performance with design and simplicity, everything you’d be looking for aboard a luxury super yacht.

Each boat in our collection can be customized and outfitted for any specific needs that you or your crew may have. In the past, we have outfitted tenders with telescoping towers, removable or custom windshields, and lifting points to name a few of the modifications we see the most.

A few other examples of services we've performed that have made it easier for Yacht Crews:

Smart Custom Interiors

Folding or removable seats to create more deck space

All-In-one Fuel Solutions

Built-in fuel tanks or easy-to-connect fuel hoses

Custom SeaDeck Installation

Non-skid decking for safer footing

Storage Solutions

Watertight storage compartments for supplies and equipment

Electric or Diesel Engine Upgrade

Electric or outboard motors for quiet and efficient operation

Parts and Custom Fabrication

Lightweight construction for easy handling and launching

Preserve & Improve

(Direct Crew Coaching Also Available)

Miami Nautique International has a dedicated service department with 25 years of experience. Our technicians have received the training certified and recommended by the Nautique manufacturer directly. We specialize in Coastal upgrades, making sure every boat has the capability to avoid the damage that can come from consistent use in salt water. We have taken the time to partner with the right people and found companies to partner with that are also innovating in this space.

With MNI, trust you’re in good hands.

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